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If your pet is to be hospitalized, the veterinarian will present you with a treatment plan that will include an estimate of the charges associated with the care your pet will be receiving. We know that you want to do what is best for your pet and understand that it can be challenging to deal with medical and financial discussions at the same time. We are committed to working within your personal means to provide the best care for your pet. Our veterinarians and team members can help you decide what plan works best for your family and your pet.


You are welcome to call the hospital to check with a veterinary technician on your pet’s general status throughout the stay. Our veterinarians and technicians do medical rounds throughout the day to review each patient’s progress. You will be contacted at least once a day by a veterinarian with a full medical report. If any significant changes occur while your pet is hospitalized, a veterinarian will contact you immediately. Unfortunately, since we are not open 24 hours a day, we will not be able to receive any phone calls or e-mails outside of normal business hours.


We have plenty of clean, cozy blankets, towels and pillows for your pet to snuggle up with while they are hospitalized. We will send your leashes home with you. Special toys and blankets are best left at home. Collars and harnesses will be kept here during your pet’s stay.


Visiting hours are primarily for pets who are hospitalized for intensive care. There are times when interaction with family is an essential component of recovery. While visiting may seem like an ideal way for you to cope with your pet’s hospitalization, often it is not recommended. It takes some time for patients to become acclimated to the hospital environment and visiting may interrupt the acclimation process. Pets can become over-stimulated and excited during family visits and stress levels may increase when you leave. Our veterinarians will let you know what is best for your pet. Pets who have had an anesthetic procedure should be allowed time to fully recover from anesthesia before having visitors.


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