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We wouldn’t go anywhere else!

We have been going to Petersen Pet Hospital since we acquired our first family pets in 2001: two Guinea pigs. They are very conscientious, professional, and never fail to follow up on any problems our pets have. Also it is the cleanest vet office we have ever seen. A few years ago, our beloved Golden Retriever, Charlie, developed cancer. During the course of Charlie’s illness, he had numerous vet appointments and procedures at Petersen Pet Hospital, too many to count. But up until his very last day, and even when he was very sick, Charlie never failed to enjoy going to Petersen Pet Hospital to see the doctors and all the staff members who had became his good friends. And we will never forget the excellent care and all the support, compassion, and guidance we received during that difficult time. Now we have a new puppy, Morgan, who also loves going to Petersen Pet Hospital. Already Petersen Pet Hospital has been there for us through several emergencies resulting from Morgan’s puppy misadventures: chewing on a pin cushion full of pins, getting a stick lodged in the back of his throat, and more. We wouldn’t go anywhere else!

April 20, 2016

Mary and Charles Barnes