Carolina do Carmo is an associate veterinarian at Petersen Pet Hospital.  She received her veterinary medicine license in Iowa and the United States in January 2022.  She was born and raised in Brazil, where she completed her veterinary degree in 2019, from Universidade Federal de Lavras.

Carol had many dogs and cats growing up. Her mom would always help the stray animals in her neighborhood and that was what made Carol decide to attend vet school. Carol loves all large and small animals. However, in school, she fell in love with small animal medicine and decided to follow that path. During her time at the university, she got a scholarship to study at Kirkwood in 2015. She attended Kirkwood for a year and a half in the veterinary technician program and fell in love with Iowa. She returned to Brazil in 2017 to finish her degree and then came back to Iowa in November of 2019.

She lives in Cedar Rapids with her husband and their cat, Nhonho (who came all the way from Brazil). They cannot wait to get more pets once they move to a bigger place. Carol loves traveling, exercising, cooking, hanging out with friends, and watching food-related shows on tv with her husband and cat.