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Get to know Petersen Pet Hospital

Hello, and thank you for your interest in our hospital! We’re happy to introduce ourselves and share a little bit about our history, our promise, and our staff.

Veterinary care from the heart.

At Petersen Pet Hospital in Hiawatha, we understand that special bond between pet and person. As pet owners ourselves, we feel it too. And like you, we want the best possible veterinary care for our special friends.

Dr. Bradley Petersen has grown up around animals. He appreciates their quirky personalities and understands their needs. That’s why we give kittens, puppies and senior pets health screenings appropriate for their ages. We conduct wellness exams, dental cleanings, vaccine boosters, parasite testing and other veterinary services when pets are healthy and diagnostic exams, treatments and surgeries when they’re not.

We have an in-house pharmacy and an extensive lab to assist in your pet’s diagnosis. Led by Dr. Petersen & Dr. Saunders, our veterinarians are well educated and experienced. Most of all, they simply love animals. They are backed by a skilled support staff that is friendly and enthusiastic.

Our History:

Petersen Pet Hospital first opened for business in June of 2003 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Dr. Petersen was a sole practitioner for 6 years prior to hiring Dr. Emily Saunders in 2009. The practice expanded 3 more times with the addition of Dr. Steven McGinty in 2013, and Dr. Krystal Knutson in 2020.  On July 2nd, 2018 we moved into our new hospital at 1031 Kacena Road, Hiawatha, Iowa.  Dr. Emily Saunders became part owner of Petersen Pet Hospital in 2020.

Our Promise:

To provide exceptional customer service and patient care to the pets of our local community.

Please stop in to see us or contact us today to learn more about Petersen Pet Hospital and the way we give you the best veterinary care from the heart.

Your Team:

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