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Kellie is a Veterinary Assistant at Petersen Pet Hospital. She grew up in Marion and attended Xavier High School. After graduation she attended Iowa State University, earning her Bachelors Degree in Animal Science in 2015.  In the fall of 2017 she received her Fear Free Certification.  This certification means that she has been educated in the ways of making the entire process of taking your pet to the veterinary office much less stressful and fearful.

Kellie always knew she wanted to work in a veterinary clinic in some capacity. To be able to help animals is her calling. Her love of animals and passion for their welfare started from a young age when helping around her family farm. From bottle-feeding calves, herding cats, and playing with the chickens, her life revolved around the animals.

Kellie now lives around her family farm with her two house cats, Bella and Bro. The farm consists of more cats, chickens, and herd of cattle. When she’s not spending her time helping out on the farm or playing with her cats, Kellie enjoys working out, running, traveling and most importantly relaxing.

rsz_kellie_with_animalsKelli - Bellarsz_kelli_-bella_and_bro Kelli -Bro rsz_kelli_-_cows