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Jessika has always had a love for animals. While growing up, she and her family always had both dogs and cats. It wasn’t until she adopted her first puppy, shortly after graduating high school, that she discovered her passion and desire to work in the veterinary field.

After working full-time as a gas station cashier, she began the Veterinary Technician program at Kirkwood Community College. She graduated from Kirkwood in May 2015 after two years of schooling and a full-time summer internship. In August 2015, she passed the Veterinary Technician National Exam and became a Registered Veterinary Technician. During her schooling and shortly after graduating, Jessika worked full time at a veterinary clinic in Waterloo before joining the Petersen Pet Hospital team in January 2016.

Jessika chose a career in the veterinary field because of her passion to help those that could not help themselves. She loves every pet she meets and enjoys getting to know each of their individual personalities. She has a soft spot for our senior patients and always tries her best to keep them comfortable and relaxed during their visits with us.  In March of 2017 she received her Fear Free Certification.  This certification means that she has been educated in the ways of making the entire process of taking your pet to the veterinary office much less stressful and fearful.

Jessika lives in Keystone with her fiancé Jim. They have a rather large furry family including a Yorkshire Terrier, Gus, who loves absolutely everyone he meets. Ellie, a Jack Russell Terrier, who enjoys splashing in the water and getting as dirty as possible, whenever possible. Mya, a senior Labrador Retriever that thinks she is a 5 pound lap dog and their three cats, Perrie, Geronimo, and Arbed, who love sunbathing, grooming each other, and getting into as much trouble as they can find.

In her free time, Jessika enjoys being with family and friends, getting outside as much as possible, watching movies, starting various crafting projects (sometimes finishing them) and spending time with her pets.


Jessika Front Photo with PetsJessika-Geronimo Jessika-Arbed Jessika-Perrie Jessika-Mya Jessika-Gus Jessika-Ellie