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Take a look at our Cedar Rapids veterinary hospital!

From the bright, comfortable waiting area to our medically advanced surgical room, Petersen Pet Hospital is dedicated to the health and comfort of your pet.

Our waiting room is bright and airy. We offer health-care products, treats and pet toys as well as magazines and educational materials to peruse while you wait.

Our examination rooms are bathed in neutral colors to sooth a nervous pet. They are equipped for private examinations, electronic record-keeping and one-on-one consultation. All surfaces are disinfected between appointments.

Our fully-equipped laboratory enables us to analyze blood, urine, feces, and tissue samples on the premises. We’ll find answers quickly and accurately.

If we need to see what’s going on inside your pet, our on-site X-ray unit can be used to detect a variety of ailments such as arthritis, tumors, and lung abnormalities.

If surgery is needed, our fully equipped surgical suite ensures a safe and sterile medical environment. Our EKG, pulse oximetry, and blood pressure monitoring equipment provide non-invasive, intensive patient monitoring and analysis of your pet’s heart function and vital signs. These tools are utilized during anesthesia and for further diagnostic capabilities.

Our post-surgical recovery area is quiet and comfortable. Pets are kept warm and relaxed while they recover. We take every measure to keep your pet as comfortable as possible while under our care. A wide variety of pain management treatments are available.

Should your pet require any dental care, our dental care center makes that quick and efficient.

Our on-site pharmacy allows us to quickly and easily fill and refill prescriptions.