Important Info From Dr. Petersen  & Dr. Saunders About Service Changes During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Petersen Pet Hospital Covid-19 Update – Updated 02/25/2021

COVID-19 NEW Petersen Pet Hospital protocols: Curbside appointments or 1 person per family allowed in building.

As of Thursday, February 25th, Petersen Pet Hospital will start allowing 1 person per family to be present during their pet(s) appointment or when picking up supplies for your pet. For the safety of our team, we are requiring that all clients wear a mask. Our team will be required to wear masks as well.
We ask that when you arrive, stay in your vehicle and call us at 319-743-0554 to let us know you have arrived. Once your Assistant/Technician and the exam room is ready, we will call you to gather information/medical history for your visit. Your Assistant/Technician will come outside to escort you and your pet into the exam room.
We will continue to provide curbside only appointments if you prefer. If you are sick and/or have been exposed to COVID 19, we will require a curbside appointment to be completed.


Thank you again for understanding and for your continued business.

Dr. Brad Petersen and Dr. Emily Saunders



Letter from Dr. Petersen about COVID-19 – 03/16/2020 – pdf format