Aidan is a kennel assistant here at Petersen Pet Hospital.  She was raised in Ogden, Iowa, and graduated from Ogden High School in 2019. Aidan grew up with a few pets in her life with her favorite being her ragdoll cat, Lucy.  Growing up she loved animals as she frequently visited her friend’s farms to see all of their horses and cows.

Aidan is currently majoring as a BioChem student at Mount Mercy University on a pre-veterinary track. When she is finished with her undergrad, she hopes to attend another college to get her degree in Veterinary Medicine of large animals, although the exact college is still undecided.

She currently resides in the Mount Mercy University dorms. In her free time, Aidan enjoys drawing, singing, going on long walks, and playing video games. During the school year, you can catch her doing many musical activities.