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Education: Kirkwood Community College

Katrina is a Client Care Specialist at Petersen Pet Hospital. She grew up in Oxford, IA and went to Clear Creek Amana High School. Growing up the youngest of nine children, Katrina developed a love for people at a young age and prefers to be in social environments. As far back as Katrina can remember she’s loved animals and the amazing benefit they have to humans. That has remained her number one passion through her life. After high school, Katrina perused education through Kirkwood Community College in the equine science program and during that time fell in love with a program called PATH and decided to get her Therapeutic Equestrian Certification. She now utilizes her certification voluntarily in the community to better lives of people and horses.

Katrina’s love for animals has led her to adopt several animals of her own. She now lives in Cedar Rapids with her husband, four dogs, and a kitty. Her dogs are Bear (Rottweiler/Lab) Lola (Bloodhound), Copper (Coonhound/Lab) and Roscoe (Golden Retriever/Lab). Rocky, her grey kitty, was a rescue and his breed is unknown. In addition to the smaller animals, she also has two Quarter Horses and a Welch Pony. Their names are Chess, Chance, and Flynn.

Katrina spends most of her free time with friends and family and of course her animals. She loves to take her dogs for walk/runs and spends as much time as she can horseback riding and training. She also enjoys several outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, going to the beach and sitting around a campfire with friends.

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